GM's hammer crusher for sale

The Hammer mill crusher turns waste concrete, cull block, tile and pipe into extra profit. The high capacity crusher is fast and convenient. Eliminate cost of hauling waste material to a disposal site and lower your raw material cost. The crushed concrete can be reused with fresh aggregate to make new products.

Low unit price gives an excellent investment return without full time operation. The hammer mill crusher has a heavy-duty steel plate main body welded into a solid unit. The crushing chamber is designed for continuous action and has a special, replaceable alloy liner. With an extra-large throat, the crusher can be charged by a front end loader or other automatic methods.

Hammer Mill Crushers Spec

newly developed hammer crusher mill in crushing plant

Through years of experience and refinement, our engineers have designed a crusher capable of processing a wide range of materials. If you are looking for reliable performance and a solid return on your investment, we GM Company has a Hammer mill Crusher for you. With numerous models to choose from and a wide selection of hammers and grate combinations, we can provide a specially formulated machine to fit your specifications and customer support to ensure it runs efficiently.

The Hammermill Crusher is known for providing superior reduction ratios in a variety of materials. The heavy-duty rugged construction of the Hammermill Crusher allows for greater applied forces to achieve higher production rates with controlled product top size and gradation.

specifications of hammer crusher

1.Heavy-duty plate steel construction throughout with replaceable abrasion resistant alloy side liners.

2. Couplings help protect the Hammermill Crusher by absorbing part of the torque shock loads and taking the strain off the shaft.

3. End disc and side frame design prevents material from collecting between the frame and discs, eliminating another source of binding and clogging.

4. Each Hammermill Crusher is fitted with grates to retain the material in the mill until it is small enough to pass through the grate openings. This ensures higher rates of suitable gradation. Various size grate openings are available for desired final products.

5. Shafts are made of forged steel and are solid, one-piece construction, providing superior strength.

6. The tapered shaft ends are drilled to permit hydraulic removal of bearings speeding up maintenance and reducing downtime.

7. The bearings are kept as close to the workload as possible, reducing shaft flexing and providing trouble