Chromite Magnetic Separator For Sale

Chromite Magnetic Separator For Sale

Both surface and underground mining methods can be applied to mine chromite ore, Mining produces both ore and waste rock. Chromite ore is primarily mined bu surface methods. This includes an open pit from which surface material, non-chrommite bearing overburden and chromite ore will be excavated. The chromite ore containing rock will be drilled, blasted, removed and loaded onto large trucks for hauling to the crusher and ore processing plant.

magnetic separation used in ore processing

Magnetic separation has long been used to upgrade and beneficiate a wide variety of industrial minerals. Magnetic separation may be conducted in either a dry or wet environment, although wet systems are more common. Magnetic separation operations can also be categorized as either low or high intensity. Low intensity separators use magnetic fields between 1,000 and 3,000 gauss. Low intensity techniques are normally used on magnetite ore as an inexpensive and effective separation method. High intensity separators employ fields as strong as 20,000 gauss. Other factors important in determining which type of magnetic separator system is used include particle size and the solids content of the ore slurry feed. GM provide high quality chromite magnetic separator for sale.

the magnetic separation system

The magnetic system is made from high quality ferrite magnetic materials or rare earth magnet steel. On the shell surface, the magnet intensity is 100-600mT. The wet type permanent magnet cylindrical separator is commonly used for iron ore separation. It is suitable for separating materials with high magnetism. In recent years, it has been used as the concentrating equipment in place of magnetic dewatering cell.

chromite magnetic separator for sale

The processing of chromite ore separates and concentrates the valuable chromite mineral. This involves mechanical processes and separation using gravity. The result is a concentrate suitable for refining, and tailing that have no economic value. Tailings are the materials left over from the ore processing facility after the chromite has been extracted from the ore.

wet magnetic separator is based on the different magnetic properties between the ore minerals to separate either valuable minerals from non-magnetic gangue or magnetic contaminants or other valuable minerals from the nonmagnetic values. After the ore pulp flow into the chute, the ore particles enter the ore feeding area separately under the influence of the water flowing from the jet pipe. The ferromagnetic particles get together and become magnetic floc on the magnetic field there. After that, the magnetic floc move forwards to the magnetic pole and stick to the rolling cylinder. As the magnetic floc and the cylinder rotate together, the magnetic pole rolls alternately, so the gangue and nonmagnetic particles will be agitated, and fall off to be discarded with the pulp.