Gold Gravity Concentration Process

Gold Gravity Concentration Process

The use of gravity concentration in gold milling flowsheets is well established. In the past, a typical approach was to treat the entire mill discharge with a mineral jig. Water, necessary for classification, was added through the jig hutch. Jig concentrate was tabled to form a smeltable product. To get high grade and pure gold, it will need the jigger in the gold gravity concentration process. GM can provide customers the high quality machines you need.

Gold jigger:

GM jigger is one of the devices of the modern gravity separator in gold gravity concentration process. It is capable of dealing with almost fill sizes of mineral materials and very fine material. Due to the large capacity, wide range of sorting particle, simple operation and maintenance, it is widely used as a rough election or selection of sorting gold, tin, tungsten, hematite, coal, tungsten and other minerals. As for GM's jigger, it is able to treat the materials whose maximum size is less no more than 30mm.

It is widely known to us that the traditional jigger is mostly the circumference eccentric drive jigger, which is not good to the loose of jigger bed and the proportion of stratification of mineral particles, which affects the sorting and recovery equipment. According to the principle of layer theory of jigger bed stratification and traditional jigger, GM saw-tooth wave jigger is energy saving gravity separation equipment.

With the saw-tooth waveform, the pulse curve is to make rising water faster than the dropped water, enhanced the loose of bed and eases the inhaled role, so that heavy particles in the mineral can fully settlement, greatly improving the sorting capacity and recovery rate of equipment. Compared with the sine wave jigger, the saw-tooth wave jigger has higher production and lower consumption. GM saw-tooth wave jigger has reached the domestic advanced level and is one of the ideal devices in energy-saving gravity separator.


Depending on years' abundant production needs, GM has produced various kinds of mining machines for the worldwide clients. Our jigger is welcomed by the customers and it is well used in gold gravity concentration process. Besides, considerate service is also provided ti clients.